About Us

NHRMS Website Designers Club came out a year after Scratch Team. As we know, Scratch Team was a failure beyond comparison. We recognize the mistakes we made, and we intend to make this club more educational, informative, and fun. This club is built to give kids in our generation that extra head start in a computer-based world. While block programming is great, actually typing real code down gives the students an extra push in the right direction. Plus, creating a presentation using a website you built is pretty awesome.

About the Teacher & Chaperone

Aidan Behilo is an 8th grade student dedicated to programming. He is fluent in HTML and CSS, and is attempting to learn harder languages such as JS and C++. He spends his free time programming, Cross-Country, playing video games or burning things. He would like to give a thank you to his Uncle Steve who first introduced him to programming on scratch. That is how he got to where he is today.